Audit logs on ES 7.16.3

Last time I upgraded ES to latest version 7.16.3,
The problem which I have is define audit logs,
I have below config: true true "anonymous_access_denied, authentication_success, authentication_failed, realm_authentication_failed, access_denied, run_as_granted, run_as_denied, tampered_request, connection_granted, connection_denied"

the problem which I have - I cannot find audit.log output file, I don't know how to define it,
When I try to use appender: json /usr/share/elasticsearch/audit.log

I'm getting an error in ES.

What error are you getting? Do you have a paid License? Audit Logs needs at least a Gold License.

I have trial license which normally is working for logs in kibana (gold license) but I don't know how to configure ES to point where logs are stored.

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