Auth kibana through jwt

I need auth in kibana through jwt. I find documenation for elastic settings. I use id_token, current config
  order: 3
  token_type: id_token
  client_authentication.type: shared_secret
  allowed_issuer: ""
  allowed_audiences: [ "8fb85eba-979c-496c-8ae2-a57fde3f12d0" ]
  allowed_signature_algorithms: [RS256,HS256]
  pkc_jwkset_path: jwt/jwkset.json
  claims.principal: sub

But I can't found kibana documentation. How I can use jwt for auth in kibana?

There is no support for JWT and seems that it will never be available for end users but there's a request logged for API access

Please, feel free to chime in on that issue to provide any feedback you see fit.

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