Authentication in us-gov-west-1 with Metricbeat AWS module

aws.yml is as follows

  regions: us-gov-west-1
  shared_credential_file: /mnt/home/metricbeat/.aws_creds
  aws_partition: aws-us-gov
  period: 5m
    - ec2

2020-11-10T10:54:06.259-0500 WARN [aws.ec2] aws/aws.go:114 failed to get caller identity, please check permission setting: RequestError: send request failed caused by: Post "": dial tcp connect: connection timed out

The timeout error is because this is running in us-gov-west-1 and doesn't have access to us-gov-east-1
If I uncomment the endpoint config and run with region hardcoded in there is a different error where it tries to look up iam creds against The reason seams to be because iam is global and follows a different pattern with the url of

I think the issue here maybe that aws_partition defaults to us-gov-east-1 when set to aws-us-gov and has no way to be explicitly set, except by globally overriding with the endpoint parameter which appears break things in other ways.

Hello! Thanks for reporting this! This definitely looks like a bug to me. Could you please open a github issue in Beats for this?

Thank you!!

Hey thanks for replying @Kaiyan_Sheng. I was able to resolve my issue. It turned out we were using a proxy to access aws services from within our network and the configuration above worked after including HTTP_PROXY and NO_PROXY environment variables to our metricbeat unit file.

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