Authentication of [elastic] was terminated by realm [reserved]

when install the x-pack Plugin,startup elasticsearch occurred the next ERROR INFO:

Authentication of [elastic] was terminated by realm [reserved]

You need to provide more information than that.

  • What version of Elasticsearch?
  • Did you follow the setup instructions to configure passwords for the builtin users?
  • What process were you running that caused you to attempt to authenticate as "elastic" ?

It's almost certainly an incorrect password, but I can't tell you why without more information.

the version of elasticsearch is 6.0 ,and i have changed the password , when running the elasticsearch process caused this error.

From you screenshot it looks like logstash is triggering that error. The elasticsearch process does not use the elastic user by itself. If you are getting that error then something is trying to authenticate to Elasticsearch using the "elastic" user, but with an incorrect password.

how can i find the user elasticsearch used if does not use the elastic user?

There is no answer to that question, because Elasticsearch doesn't need to authenticate to itself. Authentication only happens when external processes try to access Elasticsearch APIs.

What is the problem that you're trying to solve here? All of your posts in this thread have been very short and never get to the core of the problem that you have.

i just don't know how can i running the elasticsearch rightly after install x-pack and have an auth when login in kibana。

Start at the beginning, and try to explain the problem in enough detail that we can understand what might be causing it.

The only problem you have described is a single error message in your log file, and I have explained that this error is due to something that is trying to connect to Elasticsearch using the wrong password.
It might be Kibana, it might be logstash, it might be something else entirely.

But you haven't described what is broken. What are you trying to do that isn't working? Is your Elasticsearch node running? Can you access the API via curl? Is Kibana running? Are there any errors in the Kibana logs?

You need to provide much more detail than you have been, and explain your problem clearly. It's not possible to us to solve your problem unless you can tell us what the problem is.

After install x-pack in elasticsearch,logstash and kibana . restart all this three processes , but when i view the kibana web ,it doesn't need any auth . Is there any step missing ?

Did you follow these instructions?

Please can you start providing more details in your posts. You are asking us to take time out to help you solve your problem, but you don't seem to be willing to put the time in to describe your problem properly.


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