Authorized operations on tribe nodes

Hi there,

I started to use a tribe node with two 2 es 1.7.5 clusters.
According to the doc, "master level write operations" are not allowed on tribe nodes.
Though it is not clear to me what operations it includes : Put mapping? Delete index? Add Alias? Remove Alias?



Hi @jeancornic,

master level write operations are those that affect / change the whole cluster state and can thus only be applied by the master node. No guarantee that I got all relevant operations but this list should give you an idea:

  • Indices: create, delete, open, close, update index settings, shrink index
  • Index templates: create, delete
  • Aliases: create, delete
  • Mappings: create
  • Store scripts: Create, delete
  • Snapshots: create, delete, restore
  • Repositories: Create / unregistering

With 2.x also:

  • Ingest Pipelines: create, delete


Thanks @danielmitterdorfer, I appreciate the help!
Your list is complete enough for me right now.



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