Auto-Authentication to Kibana


My requirement is:
after users login to our website, they do not need to key in account/password again in order to access kibana. Please note that reverse proxy approach will probably not solve my problem. There are two main issues with that approach.
1- I'm using kibana in elastic cloud, how can I create a reverse proxy for it ?
2- My credentials are dynamically generated, I don't know them in advance so I can't put them in a static config.

Hi @Edmond_Legaspi,

to avoid typing the credentials directly, you can, after making sure it's secure in your case, try using the url that automatically logins the user : https://[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD]@[KIBANA_CLOUD_URL] instead of just https://[KIBANA_CLOUD_URL]


Hi Marta,

I've been trying to access my kibana on https://[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD]@[KIBANA_CLOUD_URL] but it just redirects to me KIBANA_CLOUD_URL/login?next=%2F. Am I missing something?


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