Auto calculate time offset in timelion for two measurements separated in time


I want to setup graphs to display difference in average frames per second(FPS) for two independent runs one after another. For instance at 10 AM i start a measurement that runs for 15 mins and later in the day with another run for 20 min. Looking for a way to offset one of the measurements to time synchronize it for comparison. Both measurements are logged under same measurement name but with individual tag identifier as show below. As you can see the offset i use is hardcoded to be 371s. I would like this number to be some calculation that is picked up based on other two graphs.

Is this something possible with timelion ? I was also considering using visual builder with scripted fields to do something similar, but could not load scripted fields in visual builder. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful!


@user_1985 there isn't currently a way to do this with Timelion/Visual Builder. Would it be possible to adjust the data on ingest to store the offset from the start of the run to the current time?

@Brandon_Kobel All runs are captured under same measurement name. Only difference is the tag value for run id being unique for each runs. storing the offset is something that i think will work if the data is stored in different measurements as there is only a unique run for that measurement. I want to avoid creating a measurement for each run. It will be useful as a feature to be able to visualize such differences. Thanks for your valuable feedback!

Gotcha, in that case, I'd recommend opening up an Enhancement Request in our GitHub Repo here

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