Auto Migration for Elasticsearch Indexes

I am new to Elasticsearch,
Is there any tools or technique through which we can manage the Index automatically like the concept database schema migration /evolutions for Elasticsearch indexes.

We can use Index and assign an Index Aliases and reindex it while switching to new index. Is there a process which can help to automate this process?

App search does similar things.

Have a look at the SaaS version:
Or the standalone version:

Thanks for the info regarding app-search-service.
But I am searching for a solution which will help me migrate from one index to another.

If the is an index animal_v1 whose aliases is animal
animal_v1 consist of following fields name ,weight
and this animal_v1 is in production.

Now suppose I need to add a few more fields in animal like height
So I will create a new index animal_v2 and perform reindexing from animal_v1 to animal_v2 and change aliases for animal from animal_v1 to animal_v2.

This is kind of a use case, But I am searching for a solution which will help me write migration template and help to automate the process.

You have to write this yourself.

@dadoonet Okay Thanks we need to write it manually.
I just wonder if there is some framework which will help manage this migration process. Like detect new manually written migration file, and update the elasticsearch index.

Not anything I'm aware of.

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