Auto recycle an old index?

We are using ES to track the ERROR/FAILURE in our daily submitted CLOUD jobs. But Once the index is getting old, it is really useless to us. So is there an option, to have an index auto-recycled, once it is getting certain time old ? Or we need to handle it at our level ?



What do you mean by recycled?

Hi Mark,
Our existing ES Framework (version 2.3 ) is doing the index on daily basis, and it has been continuous running for quite a while.

  1. What I have noticed is sometimes, the daily index was not generated at all, and the last log message in the previous day, gives such message " one or more nodes has gone under the high or low watermark... ".
  2. And If I was to delete some old index, then it backs to normal to generate the new ones.

So that is what I am asking for, that if we could auto-delete the old ones, if the overall is about to reach some maximum ?


Oh right.

Elasticsearch Curator can manage deletion for you.

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