Automatically delete old indexes on ElasticCloud

(Juan de la Cámara) #1

Hello, people.

I'm using an ElasticCloud instance.

I was searching for a way to automatically delete old indexes in ES. But the only tool I found is a script called Curator.

Since I'm using an ElasticCloud instance I'd like to have a native way to do deletion, and not rely on an external tool/server.

Is there a native way in ElasticCloud to delete indexes older than a certain date?


(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

Index Lifecycle Management is coming soon.

(Juan de la Cámara) #3

Thanks, Aaron... so, I understand that the only way by now is Curator or any kind of custom script that uses the ES API, am I right?

(Aaron Mildenstein) #4

That’s correct.

(Juan de la Cámara) #5

Thanks, Aaron

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