Auto Scaling Group r b/w the Data Nodes?

Would it be recommended to place a Autoscaling Group and a LoadBalancer (ALB) b/w the Data Nodes in AWS ? What could be the pro's and cons of this approach.

No. It's not recommended.
You should control that manually IMHO.
Adding a new node is an important decision. Specifically if you have a huge volume of data.


Thanks dadoonet !! What would be a deciding factor in determining the number of Data Nodes ?

In my opinion, number of shards should be the major deciding factor for the number of data nodes. As a rule of thumb, there should be around 20-25 shards per 1GB heap. There is a max heap limit for a data node which is approx 32G ( So typically, you shouldn't exceed beyond 800 shards on a single data node.

In cases where you have larger data volume requirement, you can expand the attached disk volumes.

In addition to the previous answer, may I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:


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