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In elastic 2.4 I used the completion suggester for autocomplete the user search showing them the more relevant keywords for their search.

For example, If my old 2.4 index has 3 documents, 2 of them have the word "climate" in their suggest field and the other document has the word "clinical", when I write "cli" I get 1st "climate" and 2nd "clinical".

I'm upgrading to ES 5.2 and with this version when I use the completion suggester I get the suggested text and the full document (this is handy) but all the results have score 1.0. I understand that now the results are documents and all the documents have 1 match with the query but this breaks my feature.

How can I accomplish the old autocomplete feature with ES 5.2?

Thank you

This is discussed here as well:

Thank you Yannick

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