Autocomplete search in both title and body


We've made a custom implementation of the api, using the
"search" endpoint instead of the "suggest", so the autocomplete suggestion mechanism searches both title and body of our documents.

The problem - while the search in the title is conducted from the
first character, results from the body are shown only if the whole string
was found.
For example, if we are typing "resp", we are getting 3 suggested results,
in which the word "responsive" appears in the title, and if we complete the
search term to "responsive", we get a number of additional results, that
the word "responsive" appears in their body.

Is there any way to customize this, so we will be able to search the body
from the first character, similar to the title search?


Can you confirm that you are using Site Search, and not App Search?

What does the API request you are sending look like?

Are you using a javascript library like or are you using your own javascript?

Please provide as much detail as possible so we are able to assist you.



Hey! thanks for the reply.
Yes, we are using Site Search but not our own Javascript nor the search-ui, we are using this:

and this api:

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