Autodiscover name

Currently, using the autodiscover feature, in kibana heartbeat dashboard all services have name "Unnamed-auto-tcp...".
How to provide a name using some docker label?
Tried using the following configuration with no results:

    - type: docker
        - condition:
            - type: tcp
              hosts: ["${}:${data.port}"]
              schedule: "@every 1m"
              timeout: 1s
              name: "${}"

The event has empty "" field.
Also tried name: "%{[docker][container][labels][app]}", but "" becomes " %{[docker][container][labels][app]}".

Using a static name works (name: some_name), but all docker services will have the same name.

I have problems with incorrect names in heartbeat also.
Running this config in heartbeat.yml on my logstash server:


  • type: tcp
    hosts: ["logstashservername"]
    ports: [5044]
    schedule: '@every 10s'

Use output Logstash:

hosts: ["logstashserver1:5044","logstashserver1:5044"]

Get Name: "[Unnamed - auto-tcp-0XAAF24562C128E8BB]" under Uptime in Kibana when the node reports in.

The fun thing is that i copy the heartbeat.yml from my other cluster running 6.6.0 where the names show correctly. But its a changed GUI in 7.3.1, its not called host any more, now its called name.

Can i change the name?

The issue here is that ${} needs to be prefixed with data. Try using ${} as a value instead

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