Heartbeat - Unnamed auto-tcp-0X3C15C657CDFFA0C3

I have configured the heartbeat.yml

with these configs:


  • type: tcp
    hosts: ["mylogstashserver1"]
    schedule: '@every 10s'
    ports: [5044]

name: "mylogstashserver1"

hosts: ["mylogstashserver1:5044","mylogstashserver2:5044"]

And under Uptime in Kibana i see Name: Unnamed auto-tcp-0X3C15C657CDFFA0C3
I would like to get mylogstashserver1 there.


You'll want to add the id and name keys to your config.

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Awesome, thanks.. strange that these values are not default under the monitors. But i am happy with the solution. I added both name and id.. dont know if both are necessary

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