Automated CSV file generation

Does Kibana have a scheduler to automatically export CSV and transfer the file to another path or is there a way to automate this backend, I checked the old post, but it mentions about pdf report genaration. But I want a CSV file from saved search to be sent to a server.

this is what i checked:
but i need csv file

Hi there, you should be able to follow the instructions in the link you found to get the CSV report from the saved search. Just use the "Copy POST URL" button to get the URL you need to hit to generate the report.


Thank you for reply. Which version of KIbana, you took screenshot from? I do not have this same option of "COPY POST URL". Also , in my version i know how to generate CSV , and I am doing it as well for my use case. But I need to automate generation of CSV and put it on a server from where it can be picked up for my separate tool.


I took my screenshot in Kibana 7.1. I'm not sure when it was introduced, but here's what the equivalent functionality looks like in 6.0.0 UI:

Does this help?

Hello CJ,
yes it seem we are on 6.0 UI. and This is the same way I am generating my CSV file till now. Now my ask is ,1. we have this url generated, how to use this url to change the date automatically to fetch new data each day ? 2. how to place this CSV file to a ftp location on a server ?


Hi there, you can't use that URL to programmatically change the date of the Saved Search you're trying to visualize. However, you can set the date range of the Saved Search to be "Relative" instead of "Absolute", so that it visualizes data from the past 24 hours. This way, when you generate the report each day, you will get just that day's data.

In terms of uploading the CSV file to a server, that's something you'll have to implement on your own within the language and tools you're using to build your system.

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