Exporting index data into csv from kibana

Hello All,
Is there any option to export index data into csv file from kibana in latest elasticsearch 7.4


Thanks i got how to download csv file from saved search in doscover and that csv can be downloaded from Management>reporting .
I have one query that what is the folder location of this csv file that is stored in kibana server?
I am asking this because we need to do some automation and for that csv location will be input for that.

I don't think so it will download all the raw data.Even i'm trying to download data in a give time. For downloading csv kibana has some limitations to download.

How are you downloading? What are the errors in the logs ? What version of the stack are you on ? screenshots/logs would help.

You can try exporting any Saved Searches from Discover. After creating a Saved Search, exporting can be found under Reporting > Generate CSV :


Hi @rashmi Thanks for your time to reply.
Please help to let me know before generating csv file where kibana stores this file internally.we need that location for our Project.reason why we need this location is
we need to automate something based on this location for our fruad detection product.We are using kibana on cloud so we dont need to download csv in our local machine instead we need to push this csv from kibana server location to some other system.


@sarvendras could your fraud detection system download generated report via Kibana API https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/automating-report-generation.html#_use_a_script ?

@Mikhail_Shustov Thanks for the reply..Through this API report generation is placed on queue.But whats the actualy folder path where this filw will be downloaded.How can we check that path.
If kibana server giving option to download the csv file in reporting then kibana must be storing that file somewhere on kibana server.What is that location.


There aren't stored on the hard drive but in elasticsearch.
When you need to send a request to generate a report, as described in https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/automating-report-generation.html#_use_a_script
The job to generate a report will be queued. The server response contains path property with a URL to download the generated report.
Generation may take some time. You can find out the status of the jobs sending a request to/api/reporting/jobs/info/{jobId}.
When generation completed you can download the result by that aforementioned path URL.

Hi Rashmi,
When i want to generate 1 day data to csv. I'm not able to download entire hits because it says max size reached, contains partial data. (My index data contains above 1 million hits) . what could be the alternate solution to download entire data.

am linking you to similar posts which give you a fair idea of how to achieve this: Retrieving over a million records in Elasticsearch

Hope it helps ,

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