Kibana 7.3 - Export CSV from Discovery not exporting data

I am using Kibana 7.3.1 (2) , Whenever I search from the discovery, the search is displayed. However, after saving the search and exporting the results from Share-> CSV Reports -> Generate CSV, the results are not saved in the csv file. only the column names are coming.

I am using basic license. And, the following settings in Kibana.yml

xpack.reporting.enabled : true

I have also tried different configuration settings along with above

xpack.reporting.encryptionKey : "samplekey"
xpack.reporting.kibanaServer.hostname : localhost
xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes : 104857600
xpack.reporting.capture.loadDelay : 30000

I have verified from different answers, but was not of help.

what is it that I am missing ?


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Hi Manjunath,

I'm able to generate and save reports with the above configuration in Kibana and ES 7.3.1.

What does (2) here indicate?

Also, do you see any errors in your Kibana log? If you start kibana in your console, does it output any errors?

what is your ES Version here? 7.3.1?

(2) I meant, I tried on 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 . I don't see any error as such on the kibana.

Versions for ES and Kibana are same.

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