Cant able to find csv reports in kibana


i am using kibana of version 7.1.1 with x-pack enaled,
Still I'm not able to generate csv reports.

In the share section i am able to see only permalinks and not csv report.

Please help me solve it.


CSV reports are possible only on discover. Not on other apps. Where are you trying to generate it?


@bhavyarm thanks for replying,

Yes, i'm trying to generate the csv reports from the discover section in kibana only.

but i can't able to see that in drop down menu of share option in discover.

Please refer the attachment below for better understanding.

Please help me solve this.


  1. You are on discover right now and looks like you are on OSS version of Kibana. You need the basic license to be able to print csv reports. Here are our licensing details - basic is still free.

  2. To get basic license - you need default distro of the stack -

3.CSV reports are available only on discover and not on dashboards

  1. Reporting on dashboard is available in trial license after which you need either gold and platinum.

Now here are the screenshots:
CSV report on discover:

PDF/Screenshot reporting on dashboard:

Hope this helps.

Hi @bhavyarm

i'm already using elastic version 7.1.1 with xpack elastic basic license.


But still in the discover -> share
i can see only permalinks and not csv reports.

Please help sort this.

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