Automated Curations in Meta Engines

Automated curation is a very cool feature but for some unknown reason it dosent work on meta engine.

im currently using v 8.0 and im wondering if its a version issue ?

Hey @miki_haiat,

I'm not aware of any known issues with automated curations and meta engines. Are you having trouble enabling automated curations or is it simply not generating any curations after being enabled? Keep in mind that curations wont be generated until a sufficient amount of click analytics begin to flow through analytics logs.


Ive enabled it and currently we got almost 20k clicks and the dateset size is around 200k.
On the other engine we got 12k of clicks on 4k dateset , and there automated curations working.
So i guess we need to wait more for more clicks.
Thanks for clarify our question.

I would expect that to be plenty of click activity to inform automated curation generation. Let me check with some other engineers.

hi @miki_haiat !

As @ross.bell said, Adaptive Relevance for Curations should work for meta engines. Let's find out the cause for the behaviour you're describing!

  1. Can you please ensure Adaptive Relevance is enabled for the meta engine? Check that for the meta engine, Curations > Settings > Enable suggestions is checked
  2. Could you check the logs for the Automated Curations process?
    Logs for the task will be contained between the following log lines:
[app-server][INFO]: Running task: UpdateSearchRelevanceSuggestions
[app-server][INFO]: Done running task: UpdateSearchRelevanceSuggestions

You can use the following endpoint to fire up the process manually if needed:


Please share your findings with us so we can understand the problem!

Hey ,
1.The enable suggestion is checked.
2.Can you guide me where is the logs , is it on kibana ?

You can access logs depending on your deployment:

hey @miki_haiat :

We have checked again this issue as it was related to some other support issues. I'm afraid there is a bug that prevents meta engines being supported.

We're working on it, stay tuned for future releases.

Thanks for your input on this issue, it has been very valuable.