Automated Dashboard Testing

Hi, We have several dozen dashboards spread over 4 different Kibana instances. We are looking for an automated way to make sure these dashboards are working as expected once they are up and running. Basically synthetic monitoring of our dashboards. For example we need to detect situations such as this.

All too often we find things like this when we're in the middle of troubleshooting something else. We thought about using Selenium and writing a test suite, but are wondering if this is the best approach.


I don't think there is any easy way to accomplish this. Selenium tests would work and are used by the Kibana team for regression testing.

Another suggestion would be to use x-pack reporting to generate a PDF from each dashboard at a scheduled time and compare against a stored version. Not sure if this is any better than Selenium or any easier.

Hi Nathan,
Thank you for the quick reply. I think we'll try a POC with Selenium to see if works for us.


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