Automatic curation of cluster indices


I would like to automatically evict logs that exceed a specific lifetime in ES.
The Curator provides a delete_indices action in order to realize log eviction in a comfortable fashion.

ECE provides the possibility of setting up curation specs as documented in Update cluster curation settings.
This seems to be only applicable to Hot-Warn deployments, since it will only shift the indices between instances of specified instance configurations.

Is it possible to perform a very similar operation as the delete_indices does with ECE?
If so, how could this be achieved?

Thanks in advance!

A future release will permit the use of the new Index Lifecycle Management UI in ECE. Until then, you can use Curator to accomplish this in ECE.

Thanks for your input on this, Aaron!

Will the new Index Lifecycle Management UI come with an API extension?

The ECE API in it's current latest version (2.1.0 when composing this message) does not come with the functionality of managing log deletion.
Running a Curator in the "traditional" way would be required for each ES cluster within ECE, as a possible solution to achieve time based index deletion.

Looking forward into seeing the Index Lifecycle Management UI and API in ECE!

Yes. Everything ILM will be API-driven. Your summary is accurate.

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