Automatically indexing by a field name as desc

i have index type of book story that every week wants to put some books.
in this index i want to have always query by sorting a field name(in this case is "price" ) as desc so it's have some overhead on ES (cause of data volume)
in this service we always shows to user books by maximum to minimum price
is possible to have this feature automatically or manually for sorting document of book type in index always by price as desc and then when to want to query them it's always sorted by price as desc and dont need to give it by "sort" : { "price" { "order" : "desc" } }

Interesting question. I'm curious as to what the impedance is to explicitly adding sort to the query?

In any case, you could try scripting the relevance score to accomplish something along the lines of what you want. See for some information on the subject.