Automation Anywhere BOTS Logs Visualization using Kibana

Hello techies,

We would like to visualize our Automation anywehere bots using Kibana. Bots usually generates different types of logs with good amount of information. This could be a great oppurtunity for me disscuss and share things over here. We have a successful mode in Uipath RPA but not for Automation ANywhere.

Would like to hear from all of you.

Hi Techies,

Please find some more information below.

Automation Anywhere is an Robotic process automation too which can be used to build the robots/bots to automate the business process.

If you are interested please refer the below link:

We have the entire production platform of the Automation anywhere which is now running very crucial business process. We would like to utilize the opportunity of the elk visualization to entirely monitor the robots.

The robots/bots generate several types of logs such as

  1. Bot running status
  2. Bot creation log
  3. Create or delete element log
  4. Error log
  5. Exception logs
  6. Schedule logs etc.

All the above logs are stored in a sql database of Automation anywhere platform.

We would like to have those logs moved into the elastic search database and push it to the kibana for visualization.

We have already used file beats, splunk which weren't successful with automation anywhere to push the logs from sql DB to elastic search DB.

We were successful with the other leading RPA tool in the world which is Uipath (similar tool and similar logs and same SQL DB to generate visualization).

Please let me know any more information required from our side.

#beats or #elasticsearch

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