Automate visualizations

(bowow) #1

Hi all,
I am working on a real time project and want to analyze my data in do I automate making visualizations in kibana?

(Mark Walkom) #2

You may be able to code something up that builds the json and inserts it into the .kibana index, but there's nothing automated for that.

(Lee Drengenberg) #3

Visualizations are saved objects that show data in a particular format. You can refresh your visualization manually or automatically on some interval and it will show you the latest data.

So do you really need to create new visualizations in real time? Or just show real time data in a visualization?

(bowow) #4

Currently I have it set up so that a logstash agent ships data to a different server through redis.
I have created a dashboard out of the data that I receive. Now I want it to automatically ship the data so that i don't have to manually start logstash and then ship the data and update it in kibana.

How can i accomplish this?

(Lee Drengenberg) #5

Hi Bishaka,

You'll need to ask that question in a different discuss channel (probably Logstash).


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