Automating graphs and visual

I have automated the installtion of kibana. I would like to automate the process of setting up tabels, graphs and etc? Is that possible.

My automation script grabs the latest version of the elastic stack and installs it. Is it possible to have some sort of snap shot of kibana? So everytime I need to redeploy, I have the same kibana configration as before?

It depends on how you want to set up the visualizations and graphs. Are those going to be the same for each installation or not? If they are going to be identical, you can use this solution:

It will work even if you want them to be different, if you know how you want them to be before running the automation script, as you can have a bunch of them and import them according to your needs.

As for a snapshot of Kibana, you don't really need it, as long as you keep the same package (you can use the .tar.gz package so that you have all the settings contained in one folder) and for the rest, you need the .kibana index from ES, if you want to keep the same index patterns, visualizations ,etc.

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