Automation( visualization process)

Hi team,
I am working on visualizing the data, one visualization per server on kibana. We have like more than 100 servers, my concern is rather going on the kibana dashboard and making the visualization and droping that to the dashboard, Isnt there any other effective way of doing it ? automation ?
B/c for all servers, the process is same, all i am changing is the hostname in visualization process?

Kibana stores visualizations and dashboards in the index .kibana in ES.
You should be able to get the documents created for one host and then modify just the hostname (and document name) and load it again.
You could do a script to get the hostnames from a file, generate and load all the docs in the index .kibana.

If the visualizations for all the 100 servers are same and the data of these visualisations are separated by only indices, then Make one visualization and you just need to analyze and change the URL of that visualization based on your index name( at 'index=xxxx'inthe URL ).