Change index name in Visualization

(Mandar Shinde) #1

Hi All,

Is there a better way to change the index name for a Visualization?

Say I have created a Visualization with index name "test1" and now I have update the index name to "test2".
One way I found is to go to Settings --> Saved Objects --> Visualization tab and select the required Visualization say a pie chart and update the index name in "kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON".


(Peter Pisljar) #2

i think that is the only way

(Mandar Shinde) #3

Thanks Peter for the quick response.
Do we have any roadmap for adding a feature to Visualization/Dashboard to update index name in a better way, say a dropdown list of all indexes available and user can simply select it and the Visualization/Dashboard is updated with the selected index.

(Peter Pisljar) #4

not that i am aware of but please go on and create an issue on github. thanks!

(Mandar Shinde) #5

Thanks Peter! Will create one.

(Ofer Rahat) #6

changing index is can be laborious if you have many visualizations, dashboards etc. In this case what I've done is to Export (In Management -> Saved Objects). This would download a JSON (text file) where you can search and replace (e.g using tools like sed) , and then upload it again.

(Mandar Shinde) #7

Thanks Ofer! Ya, that is useful if you have many visualizations/dashboards.

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