Simple export/import of visualizations to a new index

I read lots of posts before adding mine, can't find the answer though it's basic:

I have visualizations in index "abcd*". Once exported, I edited the json file and changed the visualization-index name to "efgh*".
I also edited the visualization names in my json.
However I cannot import because the IDs are identical, and I want to keep the visualizations of both indexes.

How is it done?
Am I forced to copy each visualization one by one before exporting the copy? this will be unfortunate.

If I am understanding correctly, you've exported the JSON, and you're modifying the index pattern and name, and trying to import it again. If that's the case, you can also simply change the id as well, it's just a unique string, so as long as it doesn't collide with another item, it's fine.

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