Can i duplicate a visualization by exporting, tweaking, then importing?

I'm looking for a way to more quickly duplicate a visualization - against a different index to make the challenge more challenging...

Assuming I have 2 identical indexes, seems like I should be able to:

  1. export a visualization
  2. change the ID to something human readable and unique
  3. find and replace the name of the index from the "old" to "new" one
  4. save the JSON file
  5. import

I don't want to just try this for fear of breaking a system I don't administer...

Hey there, I just tried it out myself and it seems to work fine.

right on @cjcenizal - 'appreciate it...

tried it, works for me... nice! can you imagine I was manually creating things twice like a caveman?

FYI in my case, I changed

  • the ID
  • 2 occurrences of the visualization title
  • 3 occurrences of the index name (your mileage may vary)

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