Cannot import what was previously exported


I have previously exported my dashboards and visualizations from Now that i try to import them again to the same docker image after a system reboot, the visualizations refuse to get imported. The dashboards seem to be imported but are based on the visualizations so the dashboards are useless.

I'm not aware that i need to do anything special in order to be able to import the visaulizations. I did export using both the "export everything" and the "export" button but neither one of them produced something that can be imported it seems.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance,

I'm open to sharing the JSON files representing my visualizations and dashboards. I'm just not allowed to attach JSON in this forum.

The files are 13K (everything exported), 11K (visualizations), 1.9K (dashboards) large. So i feel it's probably not a good idea to post them here as notes.

What's the error you're seeing when you try to import?

Here are the erros i see.

I seem to get one error per visualization. If i click the "click here to re-create it" link i get to the index creation page but the index used has already been created so i cannot create it again.

The fix here is to first create the index pattern, expand the "advanced" section and put the ID of the index pattern in your export (e.g. "AWE0EzyeKUCWgpkdxajS"). Then, attempt to import.

OK, this should probably be part of the import process for me to choose which index to use for which ID.

It seems i have two different IDs for the same index, for a reason unknown to me. Doing this with one ID make sense but how do i accomplish this when there are two IDs for the same index?

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