Re-use visualizations and dasboards in Kibana


I prepared a bunch of visualizations and a dashboard. Now I want to run elk on another server. Could I copy all visualization and dashboard objects to another server and re-use them or I have to re-create them manually?

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You can export the visualizations and dashboards from Kibana. Just go to Management -> Saved Object -> Export Everything. On the other machine you can use Management -> Saved object -> Import to import all the visualizations and dashboards. I hope it solves your problem.


Thank you for a prompt response. So I exported all my visualizations and imported them on another server. When I tried to open imported visualizations on that server I;ve got error message:

A field associated with this object no longer exists in the index pattern.

All these visualizations were created for a particular index pattern. It doesn't exist on another server. How can I fix this problem?

I want to use these visualizations as a template. Import them on another server and assign a Kibana index to re-use them.

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If you have different index patter then this solution may not work. As visualizations and dashboards are based on index or saved searches.

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