Copy visualisation and dashboards

Can I copy visualisations and dashboards and later upload it to another insance which use same index/fields names?

You absolutely can - just go into Management > Saved objects.

Select the saved objects (dashboards and visualizations) you need, and press the export button.

This will download the configuration as an ndjson file to your local computer and you can later upload it again into another Kibana instance using the import button on the same page.


I tried import saved objects what way, one time it was pack of 3 visualisations, another was single index, in both imports after some time of loading I am goting error:

Sorry, there was an error
The file could not be processed.

Any idea?

OK, that definitely shouldn't happen. What version of Kibana are you using from which browser?

Could you share the file you tried to import?

Probably problem is because I am importing from 7.6 Kibana to 7.4 Kibana (Open Distro version) :frowning:

Ah, that makes sense - you can't import the files from newer versions to older versions, just the other way around.

This is the case because the newer version has built-in upgrade mechanisms because it knows the old format, but the older version has no way of knowing how the format of the new version works.

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