Import/Export dashboard not working

Iam trying to export my kibana dashboard along with few visualisation so that I can import it in kibana running on another environment. When I import it , I am getting my visualisation but without any data. Its a blank page . Anyone , if aware of how to export dashboard with data, Pls help.

My requirement is to merge the dashboard which is present in one environment to another dashboard which is exactly the same but running in a different environment.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Gayathri.Srivathsan
What method have you used to export/import your dashboard and visualization?
There are few things to remember:

  • visualization are tied to index-patterns, so on every environment you should have the same index-pattern configured with the same IDs
  • if you export a visualization/dashboard via user interface in kibana, than you can import only through the UI. If exported through API you can import them only through API.
  • the same kibana version is required (when exporting and reimporting a visualization)

You can find the docs to export/import through API here:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply. I tried this via UI as well as API. Both are importing dashboard and mapping it to current data. But old data is not retained. I am using 7.3.0 version of kibana in both environment.

What do you mean by:

exporting a dashboard/visualization doesn't export the data.
You have to reindex the data into your import-environment to be able to visualize it.

Oh Okay. I tried to reindex.But I am getting error as

"reason": "Invalid index name [filebeat-*], must not contain the following characters [ , ", *, \, <, |, ,, >, /, ?]",

My index is default one named filebeat-7.3.0-*.
Is there a way to reindex this?

the filebeat-7.3.0-* is an index pattern, this will match all the indexes that starts with filebeat-7.3.0- and, depending on your filebeat configuration, you can have one index for every day or one index a month.

Let me first ask you few things:

  • can you tell me a bit more about your use case? reindexing is fine if you just want to snapshot the data available on the cluster A to the cluster B (this can solve your import/export issue but this will allows you to visualize only the subset of logs reindexes, no any new logs)
  • why do you want to export and import a dashboard into a different kibana environment?

My application is a customized spring initializer kind of component. We are using kibana to visualise the number of downloads,the version which was downloaded, date and etc. Initially the team which developed it were hosting it in their env. Now this component is moved so that it can be accessed globally. So we wanted to show the current count of downloads which included old one also. Like from the time the component was launched.

For this, I am trying to merge both index so that data can be accurate even though the environment changed.

Does anyone have any idea about this? Please let me know.

I used Re-indexing and it worked.

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