Migration of kibana dashboards

I exported all the visualizations and dashboards from dev and imported into prod.

Even I have created all the index patterns and all the required indices into prod equivalent to dev, still, my reports are not working.

when I open the dashboard, it showed me the error that, index not found.

Would anyone tell what I need to do to fix whiling doing the migration of reports?

@igour are you having issues in the Dashboard itself, or the reporting functionality within the dashboard? Just wanted to clarify so we can start debugging/fixing in the right place!

After the import exported json, those index pattern is not recognized, I wanted to changed into new pattern w.r.t. environment but it did not work out from advance setting.

What I found out is, irrespective of the environment we should have to use the same index name means the generic name only, name should not be different in different environment, if you have different name you will end up with this issue.
PS: now we are using the same index names for all the environment, everything is working fine after JSON import.

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