Kibana import visualisations, searches and dashboards don´t work

I have in one cluster a working environment with elasticsearch and kibana but now I have to back it up for later use, I dont need data, I just need visualisations, stored searches, and dashboards with their respective graphs.

I try to accomplish this mission with elasticdump and it export the .kibana index with their respective visualisations, searches, dashboards and graphs.

The fact is in the new cluster where I´m importing I see the list of stored searches, visualisations and dashboards, but i dont see any graph..

I´ve exported a few data indices and then just in those indices I see the graphs.

My question is, is not possible to export visualisations, searches and dashboards with out data? I wanna keep the graphs to check them later.


If you have exported the .kibana index and then import that to a new cluster that has no data in it, then you can't view any graphs as there is no data to display.

If you want to be able to view the same graphs then you also need to have the same data available.

Thanks a lot, thats all i need to know