Problem with loaded Dashboards & Visualizations

I'm using Chef to manage my ELK.
Something important for me is being able to import automatically dashboards and visualizations and I found a nice way to do this:

  1. Create "manually" the dashboard/visualization.
  2. Export it using: http://elasticsearch_IP:elasticsearch_port/.kibana/dashboard/dashboard_name/_source
  3. Import it using: http://elasticsearch_IP:elasticsearch_port/.kibana/visualization/visualization_name/

Everything went well with the previous version of Elasticsearch and Kibana. However, the situation has changed since I updated both.
Now, if I import (i.e., I create the Elasticsearch index for the dashboard or visualization) when there are no data on Elasticsearch, it works fine, but if I do that when Elasticsearch already stores information, Discover tab doesn't work. It simply does nothing.
Other strange thing is Discover tab is the only one that doesn't work, while Visualize and Dashboard tabs do work.

Does someone have an idea of why it is happening?

Can you explain a bit more about how you import?

Also, when you say "If i do that when elasticsearch already stores information" - are you referring to the .kibana index already being created? Or some other index?


As far as I know, both visualizations and dashboards are elements stored in the .kibana index, so if I want to import a previously created one, I only have to put that information in Elasticsearch.

Assuming the following values:

  • Elasticsearch IP: localhost
  • Elasticsearch port: 9200
  • Visualization id: my-visualization
  • JSON that contains the visualization: my-visualization.json

To import the visualization, I only have to do:
curl -X PUT http://localhost:9200/.kibana/dashboard/my-visualization/ -T my-visualization.json

Regarding to the second question, I mean when there are other indexes created in Elasticsearch, not just the .kibana. To be precise, I've checked it with the information that comes from Logstash (so, with the logstash-* indices). When my system works for a time and Logstash sends information to Elasticsearch, if I import the visualization (the same happens with dashboards) everything goes well. The problem comes if I set up the whole system and I import visualizations before Logstash sends any log.

What were the old and new versions of ES and Kibana that you were using?

I was using Elasticsearch 1.7.3 and Kibana 4.1.2.