How to import kibana visualization and dashboard

I have exported kibana visualization and dashboard via kibana ui(machine1). Next I need to import same visualization and dashboard via elasticdump to another kiban(machine2).


es ==> 2.4.6
kibana => 4.6.4


es ==> 5.4.0
kibana => 5.4.0

what i did:

     1. create elasticsearch index in machine2  same in machine1 
     2. manually  create same indexes kibana in machine2.
     2. next I have import visualization and dash board using elasticdump

but its not created.


  Thu, 25 May 2017 12:58:41 GMT | starting dump
  Thu, 25 May 2017 12:58:41 GMT | got 1 objects from source file (offset: 0)
  Thu, 25 May 2017 12:58:41 GMT | sent 1 objects to destination elasticsearch, wrote 0
  Thu, 25 May 2017 12:58:41 GMT | got 0 objects from source file (offset: 1)
  Thu, 25 May 2017 12:58:41 GMT | Total Writes: 0
  Thu, 25 May 2017 12:58:41 GMT | dump complete

Suggest me what I miss way import kibana dashboard and visualization and pping me any other way to import these.

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Hi Rajkumar,

The recommended method would be to use the Kibana feature to export saved objects.

And then go to Kibana 5.4 and import the json file you got from 4.6.4.
NOTE: Exporting saved objects do NOT include the index patterns so you do have to create those yourself which I see you already knew.

Did you already try this approach?


@LeeDr Thanks for your response, I know this, I already did that its works fine, but I need to import via script not UI

my requirements, I am working on remote location, as per client needed requirement, I have create that visualization and remotely import to this.

Suggest me any other way to do this via script or api

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I have also used Elasticdump and had pretty good success with it. But there's a couple of things you need to understand and account for.

  1. You SHOULD export the mapping and the data in 2 steps (see the elasticdump help) and on the new Kibana you should load the mapping before loading the data. The reason for this is that Kibana uses some data types that are not the default types and if you import the .kibana data (docs) before loading the mapping, things will break.
    Another way around this is, on the new Kibana instance create and save one of each object type manually then the mapping would be set by Kibana and you could then just use Elasticdump to load the data.

We can see from your output that it didn't load any documents. Maybe you can show your command line?

  1. Using Elasticdump (or any other method that writes directly to the .kibana index) is not supported. The structure of data in the .kibana index will change (probably for 6.0) and Kibana will migrate the data in it's index. So loading 5.x saved objects directly into the 6.x .kibana index would probably fail.

There are some open issues to create officially supported APIs in Kibana for creating saved objects. Not sure when these would become available.


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