Import dashboard and visualization objects using a script

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Hi guys,

I am working on automated scripts for setting up and running the elastic stack tools for our log analysis purpose within my company. One thing that I could not create a script for was to import dashboard and visualization objects. Using the tools would be so much easier if we can run a script for starting up the tools as well as importing a json file that contains all the dashboards and visualization objects. Could you help me out?


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Currently we do not have any in-house tools to import a json file with all dashboards and visualization objects. I have seen users write a Python script that pulls the dashboards you want from ES/Kibana, enumerates the panels in the JSON of the dashboard, grabs those visualizations from Kibana and then looks for the index-patterns each of the visualizations uses and grabs those. Once you have all these documents
re-index them to the target index/ES host as a work around.

There is an open PR to cater to this request. You can subscribe to it for updates.


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