Duplicate visualization and dashboards in kibana

(R01K) #1

Hi ,

Facing weird issue in kibana, that some time whenever i do some changes in either visualization or dasbhboards and save the changes then duplicate dashboard/visualization gets created with same name :frowning:

Any help on this would be really appreciated.


(Rene) #2

I had the same last week! I'm running Kibana 4.1.2

(Pieter Agenbag) #3

I've only seen this happen if you edit the Title under settings->objects->visualizations->edit .

When you create a vis and save it - the name you enter is used as the title and an ID is derived from it. But if you save the vis/dash again with the new title , the id is derived from the new title and since it doesnt exist yet , a new one is created.

These are my findings - similar situations might result from different actions though.

(Mark O Stewart) #4

I have had this issue for the last two releases. Now I am on 4.1.3 and still seeing this issue. When I EDIT an existing visualization i always get a copy. I can edit a dashboard and Kibana asks do I want to overwrite and it does. When I edit a visual it doesn't replace it copies always,

(R01K) #5

Hi Mark,

Even i had faced the same issue :frowning: .
I guess whenever we save the changes instead of overwriting the existing dashboard it just create new one.

Try using the latest version of ELK stack which might help to overcome this issue.


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