Duplicating dashboard / Save As different name

Greetings all,

We have been using Kibana dashboard for awhile now and love it, but it doesn't seem like there is a way to Save a dashboard as a different name. Essentially making a copy of a dashboard.

My colleague has quite a extensive dashboard that he uses but I want to tweak it to fit my own monitoring. I want to be able to make changes without affecting his dashboard. I also i don't want to have to create it from scratch as it has a lot of search queries going.

Is there a simple way to duplicate a dashboard


Yes, there is: Open your colleague's dashboard, click Save, give it a different name, and save it again! Here's how to do this in Kibana 5 but the steps are the same in Kibana 4 as well:


Thanks for the quick reply. That's what I thought but when I try to save it does nothing and just sits there.

I using Kibana 3. Does it work the same on this?

I'll try again with another browser.

If I remember correctly for Kibana 3 you just need to rename the dashobard, then save it. Which should give you a copy of the dashboard.

Yeah, I just tested this myself and it works as @simianhacker described:

Can you open the Developer Console of your browser and see if there are any errors there?


Ok yes it does look like it is working, however the new dashboard I create is not available in the Load section. I can go straight to the URL that is created and it's available.

This kind of works, but should the new dashboard be available in the load section? I would like other users to use it after I create it. I can send them the URL I guess but would rather them have the option to select and load it.

Yeah, it should be. As you can see in my animated GIF above, both my old and new dashboards appear in the load list. Do you see any errors in your browser's developer console either when you save or load the new dashboard?

Hi Shauank,

First thank you for all your help and the fast responses!

I changed browsers and now it is working properly by creating the new dashboard in the load section.

The bad one was on Ubuntu, good one was OSX.

Thanks again!!