Copying Dashboard from kibana

Hi how to copy dashboard from kibana without overwriting the existing object(dashboard)
in same machine

In Kibana , there is a clone option in top right of dashboards. Using that , you can replicate the dashboard

Yes but if we use clone if we edit then it will effect the original dashboard

No , the cloned dashboard id named differently E.g as Dashboard1_copy .

It is created as seperate dashboard and doesn't affect old dashboard

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But if we edit visualization?

Visualizations will not be cloned. If you want a copy of visualization ,then go to edit visualization as new visualization copy....and save

but it will save as new Visualization,like i have to edit Visualization in duplicate dashboard
but it wont reflect in original dashboard

Visualization can be added to the Dashboard from the visualization library, in which case it is persisted. It can also be added directly to the dashboard, in which case it hasn't been persisted. If both your original dashboard and the cloned dashboard contain a visualization from the library, modifying it will change it in both dashboards.
You can easily add/remove the visualization to/from the library from the panel on the dashboard itself:

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