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I'm a very new user of Kibana and running into some issues. I have a dashboard from a colleague and I want to copy the dashboard and make some alterations while the dashboard of my colleague stays the same. I tried the 'clone' function and the 'save as new dashboard' function, but both change my colleague's dashboard when I try to change something in the copy. Please, how do I copy a dashboard and have no links at all to the original dashboard?


Dashboard panels can either be "by value" or "by reference". "By value" panels are part of the dashboard, so on copying there's no link to the original dashboard left. "By reference" panels OTOH reference a visualization from the library - on copying a dashboard, they both point to the same library visualization, so if you are changing that one, it's going to get changed in both places.

You can save a "by value" panel to the library

as well as the other way around

It sounds like what you need is to copy the dashboard, then "unlink" all the panels, then start editing - this way neither the original dashboard nor the library visualizations are going to get changed.

Another approach is to create a new space for your explorations and copy over the dashboard (this can be done in Stack Management > Saved objects):

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