How to change the index for an already created data table?

I have created a couple graphs and data-table for a particular index. Now I want to use the same visualizations for a different index which has similar data. This is because I am getting the logs from different sources and therefore have different index. How can I do change the index of existing visualization, without having to create new ones for each index?


Unfortunately, there isn't a great way to do this, but here's one way you could do it:

Go to the "Settings" tab, then click on "Objects". Select the visualizations you would like to duplicate for the other index. Click on "Export". Then, open the export file, and do a find and replace of the previous index pattern with the new index pattern. Then save the file, and click on "Import" and select the file. You'd have to do the same thing for dashboards as well.

Also, there is an open enhancement request that would provide a way to select a different index pattern for a visualization/dashboard, which sounds like something you would want to add your +1 to: