Change Index on Visualisatons

Good day,
when I created my Index's for elastic I renamed them so I can validate and keep them organized. now I'm loading the default visualizations provided for Kibana and they create a winlobeat, Fileneat..etc. index and the visualization does not work... can you tell me how I can change the index on the visualization

Hi Alvaro,

It's not possible to change the index pattern of an existing visualization. Instead, you will need to rebuild the visualization using the new index pattern.


Hi Alvaro,
I haven't tested this, but if you're on Kibana 4.x you could go to Settings > Objects, and click on tab for the object type you want to change (Searches, or Visualizations), click on the object, and edit the index name in the kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON field, and save it. Make sure you change it to the name of an existing index pattern.

You should probably export everything first as a backup.



this worked... many thanks