Change Index on Visualisations

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Where do I have to go to "Settings > Objects". I don't see this options neither in the Visualize section nor in the Management

Yeah, they automatically get closed after some time, mostly so that old topics don't get brought back up.

Where you actually want to go is Management > Saved Objects. There, you can modify any information related to a saved object (visualizations, dashboards, and searches). You can change the index pattern in there, but be careful, you can also break your saved objects and there's no way to recover them.

In order to change the index pattern, you'll need to get the UUID value of the index pattern you want to change it to, which you can get by opening the index pattern in Management and grabbing the UUID from the address bar in your browser. Then open the saved object, and change the kibanaSavedObjectMeta.searchSourceJSON value so it points at the new index.


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