Kibana - Change Index of Visualization/Dashboard/Search

(Sito) #1

Hi all,

Anybody know how to change the index of a visualization or search in Kibana?

I have found into "Save Objetcs" this information:


"index": "8b1ae190-c196-11e8-b7bd-15d67a94fc57",
"highlightAll": true,
"version": true,
"query": {
"language": "lucene",
"query": "status:[400 TO 599]"
"filter": []

How can I obtain the value of the new index?


Best Regards

(Lukas Olson) #2

The index property tells you the ID of the index pattern with which the visualization is associated. If you want to change it you'll need to get the ID of the other index pattern (either from the index pattern saved object or by looking at the URL in discover when you've got that index pattern selected) and update the index property to the new ID.

(Sito) #3

Hi Lukas,

I didn't know how to get the ID, thank you very much for your help

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