How to change the indices specified by the index pattern?

Hi,could I change the indices which are specified by the created index pattern?Or Can I change the index pattern specified by viualization?Looking forward to your reply,Thanks!

Hi @Echo_yu

Can I change the index pattern specified by visualisation

This is possible.
as of 7.6.2:
Go to Management -> Kibana -> Saved Objects
Pick visualisation you want to fix, Actions -> Inspect.
Please be careful in this area, read through the warnings.

In the bottom you'd see references field.

To update index pattern reference you'd add something like this:

You can get the id of you new index pattern, for example, from the URL from the page where you manage that index pattern.

Or you could do it by exporting visualisation saved object, modifying references field, and then importing it back

Hope this is helpful.

It is very helpful to me,Thank you so much!

Hi @Echo_yu,

Just wanted to let you know that there is a known bug in recently released 7.7.0 with editing saved object using inspect.

Please be even more careful with trying this in 7.7.0 and backup your SavedObjects (at least locally using export functionality) before doing changes in that area.

Thanks for your reminding,I will be more careful with trying this in 7.7.0.

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