How to apply a kibana dashboard to a different index?

(Natarajan Venkataraman) #1

I'm testing kibana with logs, and everytime create a new index ( with same fields), I'm recreating the entire kibana dashboard afresh, which seems to be a duplicate task. Is there any way to apply a dashboard/visualization to a new index. Please let me know.

(Anh) #2

When adding index into Kibana, you can use asterisk * to have Kibana search in multiple indexes. For example, if your testing indexes are myindex-1, myindex-2, myindex-3, when creating index pattern in Kibana, use myindex-*. If you use time based indexes, you can also specify date pattern like YYYY.MM.DD. For latest Kibana 4.4.0, just use asterisk.

(Natarajan Venkataraman) #3

For me, I'm using the same index for test i.e. myindex-1, myindex-2 and myindex-3 in my case will have overlapping values. If I do this way, then I'm bound to have duplicates, which might give me wrong picture.

One method I'm currently using is to export the visualizations and changing the index name to the new index and importing it back to Kibana.

I think it would be good if we can change the index of a visualization in the UI itself. Currently we cannot change the index of a saved visualization.

(Shelby Sturgis) #4


Currently, you can change the index name in the URI.


The entire state is in the URI. But this is bound to change. But for now, you can simply change the


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