Kibana Visualization Automation

Hi can someone help me figure out how to constantly create new visualizations with the same parameters as I am feeding in data through logstash?

Also is there a way to permanently change the time in which Kibana looks at for the data input. As of right now it keeps defaulting to 15 minutes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much.

Why do you need to constantly create new visualizations? How are you indexing data?

I am essentially writing automated code to rewrite the file that I am uploading as I gather data for a different item. So logstash will upload the new data since it is constantly running and I am writing over the file with new data and I need a screenshot of the graph at different times. This is why I need to change the time filter permanently so that I can take a screenshot when the new data that replaces the old one is uploaded.

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